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Payment Plans

We have following plans for our patients.

NHS Care

The three NHS charge bands are listed below.
1 Band 1 £20.60 - this charge includes an examination, diagnosis and preventive care. If necessary, this will include x-rays, scale and polish, and planning for further treatment. (Urgent care will also cost £20.60).
2 Band 2 £56.30 - this charge includes all necessary treatment covered by band 1 plus additional treatment such as fillings, root canal treatment or extractions.
3 Band 3 £244.30 - this charge includes all necessary treatment covered by bands 2 and 3 plus more complex procedures such as a crown, dentures or bridges, in which a laboratory is involved.
3 Urgent Treatment £20.60


Denplan Essentials

For a fixed monthly fee we provide all the preventive treatment required including examinations, hygiene procedures and x rays. This enables you to budget for your preventive care. Also included is dental injury and emergency cover and a 24 hour worldwide emergency helpline. Any treatment required is paid for separately. You do not need to have an assessment prior to joining this scheme.

Denplan Care

The Denplan Care scheme covers almost all of the treatment options which are available. This includes all the items included in the Denplan Essentials scheme but it also includes treatment such as fillings, crowns, root treatments etc. This means you can budget for all your dental needs. The only items which are not covered by this are laboratory fees, treatments of a purely cosmetic nature, orthodontics and referral to a specialist practitioner. Should you wish to join this scheme you will need to be assessed so that you are allocated the correct payment band.
For more information on Denplan visit their website at Arrow www.denplan.co.uk

Private Treatment

At the Family Dental Practice, we are happy to offer a wide range of private dental treatments, including cosmetic dentistry, which is not available on the NHS. If you would like to know more about our private treatment options, please feel free to speak to our reception staff, who will be happy to help you.

Our phone number is (01642) 490673. Alternatively, you can speak to your dentist during your appointment.


Practice Plans

For only £9.50 per month, we can offer our family dental care plan:
1 Regular dental appointments to provide clinical examination.
1 Checking for signs of oral cancer with X-rays if appropriate.
1 Regular hygiene appointments to provide scale and polish.
1 Oral hygiene advice to reduce decay and gum diseases.
1 Assessment of emergencies with any urgent treatment required, carried out at
   the practice within surgery opening hours.
1 All treatment planning.
1 Study models if required.
1 Any replacement fillings within a 12-month guarantee.
1 20% reduction off all private dental treatment.
1 10% reduction off all oral hygiene products purchased at the surgery.
1 Worldwide Trauma Insurance to protect against unforeseen damage. Arrow See here
1 Emergency callout insurance, giving emergency access to dentist anywhere in world.
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