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Nervous Patients - Sedation

Anxiety about dental treatment is very common. One survey showed that up to 45% of the population only visit the dentist when experiencing problems.

Being afraid of visiting the dentist is something that most people experience, sometimes it is due to a previously bad experiences or it may simply be a fear of the drill or even the unknown. At our practice we treat nervous patients all the time and provide a warm and relaxing environment. Sedation is a simple technique that has an effect that is pleasant and will remove any worries or fears you may have. The sedative effect lasts about one and a half hours, but you will feel as if your time with us was much shorter.

A cannula will be placed in your vein on the hand or in the arm and medication will be administered to bring you into a relaxed and dreamy state where pain and fear are not reality anymore. You become drowsy and unaware of the dentist or the treatment, but you will be able to co-operate with the dentist. The sedation can be prolonged until the planned treatment is done.


During the procedure you may be asked to co-operate with the dentist to test your bite or to open your mouth. You will not remember any of this. Local anaesthetic will normally be used in conjunction with the sedation for pain control. After the procedure you will be escorted to a recovery area and will soon be able to go home accompanied by your escort. You may be drowsy for an hour or two after the procedure.

A gradual approach can be adopted in which the patient is in total control on how far we go each visit. By adopting this gentle step by step approach we have found that many patients have their faith in dentistry restored. They then become regular dental attendees. This illustrates our policy of a gentle introduction to dental treatment.


You have been offered sedation in order to help you relax, most people find this a pleasant way of receiving treatment. When you come for your appointment, you will be welcomed by a member of our dental team. After receiving sedation usually through a scratch on the back of the hand, you will feel drowsy and relaxed. Your mouth will then be numbed and dental work will be undertaken. During the procedure you will feel peaceful and unaware of what is going on. Most patients do not remember anything about the treatment. After the treatment you will rest until you are fit enough to be discharged home. It is important that you observer the following instructions or your treatment may have to be postponed:

Arrow Instruction for patients and their escorts before sedation
Arrow Instruction for patients and their escorts after sedation

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