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Gum Disease

What causes gum disease?
Gum disease is caused by plaque, a layer of bacteria which forms on teeth. Plaque is mainly found at the gum line, and in between teeth. If it is allowed to build up, it will cause the gums to become inflamed. This early stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. The gums become red, and may bleed easily. In time, the plaque may spread down between the tooth and the gum. This is called Periodontitis. This causes the bone which supports the teeth to be destroyed. Hence, the teeth become loose. It also causes bleeding gums, bad breath, and a bad taste. In fact gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adults.

How can I prevent gum disease?
You can do this by cleaning your teeth thoroughly twice a day, in order to remove plaque from them. Following are a few precautionary measures:

  • 1. Start by brushing your teeth, using a fluoride toothpaste.
  • 2. Hold your brush with the bristles pointing towards the gum.
  • 3. Brush along the gum line, using small circular movements. Work around your mouth systematically, not forgetting to brush the insides and the outsides.
  • 4. Finally brush the biting surfaces of your teeth, spend at least 2 minutes doing this.

Ask your dentist or hygienist for advice.
Cleaning in-between teeth or tooth brushing alone does not completely clean the teeth.  There are available various cleaning aids to effectively clean the teeth area. Examples are:

Super floss
Bottle brushes

Which one you use depends upon the size of the gaps between your teeth and whether the teeth have been ‘bridged’. Ask your dentist or hygienist for further help and advice.


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